Why Your Website Visitors Don’t Buy, And What You Can Do About It

May 24, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Affiliate Programs

Trying to build a profitable online business can be a lot of hard work. And one of the biggest problems is attracting the right visitors to your website – to be more specific, the kind of people who will open their wallets instead of just wanting free stuff.

So what’s the best way to attract these premium visitors to your website? Remember, you want the the type of people who are looking to buy something, or at least give you an email address they actually check because they want to hear more from you. Could there possibly be a hidden secret that enables you attract a large group of these hard to find people?

Well I guess it is a kind of open secret, because most people completely miss the point when they are trying to build their online business. And that ‘secret’ is this – Target the right keywords for your website content and paid search marketing campaigns if you want to attract the right visitors.

So what are the ‘right’ keywords?

You want to rank for (or BUY using PPC) the exact keywords people are typing into Google when they are about to BUY something. There are thousands of research keywords, and millions of other useless keywords that you want to steer clear of. This is where nearly everybody goes wrong – they build content around useless, non-buyer keywords, and then wonder why they don’t get buyers to their websites. Duh! You must focus on buyer keywords, or you’re going to be wasting lots of time and money.

Let’s look at an example to make this crystal clear. If a person is sitting at home or work and searches for ‘digital camera’, they are probably just doing some research to see what’s around. It’s not very likely they are going to buy a digital camera based on that kind of search. But if somebody types in ‘digital camera reviews’, they are more likely to be buying a camera soon, and are narrowing down the universe of digital cameras to the few that are best suited to their needs.

But what if somebody searches for ‘fuji finepix s5000 digital camera’? This person is in buying mode. They are very likely looking for the right place to BUY a Fuji FinePix S5000 digital camera. If your website is ranking at the top of Google, and you can offer them what they are looking for, you will very likely get the sale when they buy through your affiliate link.

And consider this – if your website portrays you as a likable, knowledgeable person who’s trying to help them find the best camera, that can also increase your chances of making the sale too. So remember, getting ranked for these kinds of ‘buying’ keywords lets you to attract buyers instead of freebee seekers, and you’ll make a lot more money in the process.

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